Friday, May 27, 2011

How to make Zoborodo drink AKA zobo

Hi Folks, I'm Back again!

Today i'm sharing a recipe i picked up on a Nigeria Forum, I hope you enjoy it.

Zoborodo drink AKA zobo

  1. Dried zobo leaves 
  2. Ginger
  3. Aligator pepper seeds, very optional
  4. Sugar, optional
  5. Flavours
  6. Sweetners, to replace sugar
  7. Garlic, very optional
  8. Lime or lemon juice, optional
  9. Pineapple peels or juice

  • Grind or grate the ginger and garlic 
  • Rinse the zobo leaves properly to get rid of sand and partcles 
  • Add water cold or boiling and allow to boil
  • You may also add the seeds, the pineapple peels and the lemon rinds
  • Allow to boil for over 20mins 
  • Then bring down and sieve with a fine sieve to remove residue 
  • Add sugar when still hot and stir properly or better still make the sugar into a syrup by boiling it with water before u add. 
  • You may also replace sugar with  sweetners such as NUTRI C, FoSTER CLARKS or JOLLY JUICE. this Sweetners are better than sugar cause they have natural taste and flavour and are just as sweet. 
  • You may also add different types of flavours like strawberry, pineapple,apple, orange and anyother flavour used in baking
pls remember to serve it CHILLED


Bradly Jones said...

Zobo!, never knew that this was how it was made.Thanks for the post. I'm on my way out of Abuja and will be needing all the information i can get.

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SHEHZAD said...

hey nice to sharing this recipe .. i will try it sounds good "ZOBO" .. i never make this type of food but i will try it because it is looking good now i will taste and reply you to compliment your recipe

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Anonymous said...

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Jack said...

Great site. Interesting info zobo is a great drink

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PRACTIC said...

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David Franklin said...
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Edward Franklin said...
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Dobby said...

nice recipe.....miss zobo soooo much!

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