Friday, May 05, 2006

Nigerian Dish - Egusi Soup



1.palm oil
2.fresh beef ,smoked fish,smoked dry fish.

3.chopped onions.

4.gronded egusi.

5.gronded crayfish.

6.fresh pepper.


8.salt to taste.


10. tomatoes

Preparation a pot on fire add the beef chopped onions ,seasoning and cook for12mins.

2.pour the stock into a bowl.and put back the pot on fire

3.pour the palm oil in the pot and add the tomatoes,pepper,onions until tender

4.then add stock,beef,smoked fish,smoked dry fish and stir thoroughly.

5.add salt seasoning and cook for 20 to 25 mins and add the vegetable and stir in greens, allow to
simmer for10 mins.


Vera Ezimora said...

Mehn....if only I could reach in and eat that plate of poundo & egwusi soup.... mm mm mmm

Nigerian Chef said...

You can do the next best thing... Try and cook it.

thomson82 said...

you forgot to include adding the ground egusi. Where should that come in?

thomson82 said...

Just wanted to let u know i just followed your recipe and my Egusi Soup tastes goooooooood!!! I added the ground egusi after frying the tomato etc..then the stock

pretty-face said...

I am a Nigerian girl and I love cooking as well as eating egusi soup.However in my tribe we don't cook egusi with tomatoes and we don't fry the egusi first.We put it into the already steamed meat and fish+stock+water.It also tastes very delicious as well.

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